209 Merriman Rd | Akron, OH 44303


I was in the Hospital from frequent falls at home and the flu. I could not walk during this time and was recommended to go to a facility for rehabilitation.  At first I did not want to go to a facility, but my neighbor and family recommended The Merriman and their care.  My stay while in The Merriman was wonderful.  The aides, nurses, and therapy team were all wonderful and very nice. I wanted to thank the therapy department from the bottom of my heart for their work and getting me back up walking!


I felt very comfortable and positive. All the staff were nice and wonderful. Therapy staff were always on time and great to work with. Food was also great. I enjoyed my time here and conversations with the other patients here. I would rate The Merriman 99.9%. I enjoyed my short stay here and feel strong to return home. This would be a perfect place for long term seniors


I was in the hospital for a fall I had at home due to pain in my legs. I have been at The Merriman in the past for therapy as well and recently returned for additional therapy treatment to get stronger. The staff here has taken good care of me both times around and is pleasant to work with. I feel strong enough to return home safely from working hard in therapy.


My stay at The Merriman facility was fantastic. I came here from Summa Hospital after a two day stay. I had obtained edema from heart failure and atrial fibrillation which helped in causing the wounds. Then I was injured by van service driver in my wheelchair that caused much bleeding. After the injury I was too weak to walk but through physical therapy, I regained strength. I gained confidence and stability through the physical therapy workers. They are definitely the best. I would recommend them to anyone. The nurses and medical staff helped my wounds get better and now I’m on my way home. This is a top notch facility. Even the patients and other residents are friendly. If you want the best care, come to The Merriman for your stay and rehabilitation.